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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Videos

Hurricane City has a video of hurricane Katrina as it passed through Delray Beach, FL. Winds were only 50mph so it won't be anywhere as near as fierce as when it hits New Orleans today.

Related: More web cams.

Update: Live coverage from WLOX

Update 2: More live TV coverage. WKRG - Mobile, AL, WAPT - Jackson, Mississippi

Update 3: WBRZ Tower Cam

Update 4: NOLA blog reporting a building collapse in New Orleans possibly with people inside.

Update 5 (14:23 BST): CNN: "Roof of Superdome in New Orleans, where thousands evacuated ahead of Hurricane Katrina, is leaking rain."

Update 6 (14:32 BST): NOLA: "...flooding, building collapses, power outages and fires"

Update 7 (14:35 BST): CNN: "Section of Superdome roof opens up"

Update 8 (14:49 BST): WDSU live coverage

Update 9 (14:56 BST): NOLA: "Hospital windows blown out". No injuries.

Update 10 (15:04 BST): WDSU: "Superdome Damage Minor"

Update 11 (15:09 BST): Blogging from within the hurricane - "building next door collapsed. this may go soon wall missing big cracks. fun trip love you"

Update 11 (15:09 BST): Blogging from within the hurricane - "building next door collapsed. this may go soon wall missing big cracks. fun trip love you"

Update 12 (15:11 BST): Podcast from within the storm.

Update 13 (15:22 BST): WDSU has some pretty amazing footage. The image is below is from Ocean Springs.

Update 14 (15:38 BST): NOLA: "One of the worst hit areas was Arabi, where up to 8 feet of water was being reported."

Update 15 (16:21 BST): NOLA: "Power outages seem to have have hit almost everyone in the city, even Entergy New Orleans' command center at the Hyatt Regency Hotel next to the Superdome."

Update 16 (16:30 BST): NOLA: "Phone systems failing"

Update 17 (16:40 BST): Here's a video taken by someone who decided to stay in Biloxi, one of the places that bore the brunt of Katrina. It may take a while to download as it has been featured on Boing Boing.

Update 18 (19:39 BST): Image showing damage to Superdome

Update 19 (20:18 BST):

Debris from a fallen building covers several buildings in downtown New Orleans.

Notice the smashed window. Looting has been reported in New Orleans.

The Mound Underpass on Interstate 10

Update 20 (20:34 BST): NOLA: "The region's electricity system suffered catastrophic damage Monday from Hurricane Katrina. Entergy customers should be prepared to be without power for a month or more..."

Update 21 (21:00 BST): Fark comments: " just mentioned that they've sighted bodies floating in east New Orleans."

Update 22 (21:14 BST): NOLA: "Dozens of smiling looters reported"

Update 23 (21:15 BST): President Bush: “I want the folks there on the Gulf Coast to know that the federal government is prepared to help you when the storm passes,” Bush said at an appearance in Arizona where he was promoting his Social Security plans. “When the storm passes, the federal government has got assets and resources that we'll be deploying to help you. In the meantime, America will pray - pray for the health and safety of all our citizens."

Update 24 (21:27 BST) Katrina currently category 1 - winds:95mph, gusts: 120mph. Still powerful.

Update 25 (22:25 BST): An excellent diagram showing how hurricane's are formed. [via]

Update 26 (22:56 BST):

Windows are blown out on a building in downtown New Orleans

Curtains billow from blown out windows of the downtown Hyatt Regency hotel after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.


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