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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Man Jailed For Showing Woman Beheading Clip On Phone

The Sun: Jailed for sick phone pic

A man has been jailed for 60 days for showing footage of an Iraqi hostage being beheaded to an appalled woman shop-worker.

Subhaan Younis, 23, showed Charlotte McClay the footage on his mobile phone while chatting to her in the shop where she worked at the Moat House Hotel in Glasgow.

Younis, who downloaded the clip from the internet, had been staying in the hotel at the time of the offence on September 27 last year.

Defence solicitor Dominic Sellar told Glasgow District Court his client, who was found guilty of breach of the peace last month, accepted the images were "abhorrent and shocking in the extreme".

Maybe I should be careful what I post on here. I wouldn't want to go to jail for upsetting any of you.



comment away dude - you're among friends..


I recon there's vast a difference between showing someone by pushing a phone into their face and having a link with a warning...

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