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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Will TypePad Sort Out *Their* Spam Problem? - Part 2

I posted an article on Monday about the problems I'm having with spam attacks on my blog and what Typepad are doing, or rather are not doing, to solve the problem. I hadn't planned on posting a follow-up to the post but seeing as nobody from Typepad has read the post (or at least they haven't commented) and after what has happened overnight I think I need to post a follow-up.

Overnight I was attacked by a comment spammer using the same IP addressto spam me about 50 times over a period of 5 hours. Now I doubt I'm the only TypePad subscriber being spammed by the spammer (although I could be wrong) so why haven't TypePad got a system in place to recognise when a spam attack is in progress. Whilst this is just a major inconvenience and thankfully they don't happen regularly, what happened next really annoyed me.

Late last night I reported a few spammers to TypePad including this one...

Name: hold
URL: h**p://hotwave(dot)com/wwwboard/messages/7864.html

TypePad responded at 23:57 BST telling me that they had been banned globally, presumably using the approach I mentioned on Monday (a combination of factors including "URL, email address, and content submitted with the comment").

At 02:11 BST, 2 hours after the previous spams, I received this spam...

Name: ahhh
URL: h**p://artsforhealing(dot)org/wwwboard/messages/9465.htm

Notice anything similar? Yep, the spammer who was banned globally is still allowed to spam TypePad blogs using the same IP address and email address.

In my latest ticket I've mentioned that this person has been able to continue spamming and it will be interesting to see what their reply is.



Can't you ban IP addresses at the account level?


I can block IP addresses but omst of the time it is pretty pointless as most spammers change their IP addresses with different posts. Plus there's the time involved with doing it. It's much easier for TypePad to block all aspects such as email address, IP address, URLs and common comments.

The point I was trying to make was that they say they are banning them but I'm not sure that they are doing it effectively.

Philipp Lenssen

It's safer if you don't use a blogging tool a lot of other people use -- simply so you won't be target of spam as easily (why would a spammer optimize their tool to target exotic blogging tools)?

Well, I'm using my own tool, and I still need to delete about a dozen spam every day. We should have certain people work as "spam cleaners" across different sites -- they'd be paid by our internet taxes...


Robert - i don't know if this will help you, but apparently it works for most bloggers to block the comment spam which comes from bots outside of your blog. Read about it here:

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