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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Will TypePad Sort Out *Their* Spam Problem? - Part 3

Further to my post this morning, TypePad have basically said that it's up to me to sort out the spam. I don't want to sort out the spam myself. The reason why I constantly report the spam I get to TypePad is because not only will it stop me from getting anymore from them but it will also stop others from getting it. Oh well, expect fewer posts as I start trying to block keywords, email addresses and URLS ;o)


Anil Dash

Robert, I'm not sure exactly what mixup we've had in communicating, but our intent is for you to absolutely *not* have to manage spam on a TypePad blog. What we're investing in is better automatic protection from spam, instead of building more tools for you to manage spam.

The upside of that is you get automatic blocking of unwanted junk on your blog (improving upon the over 90% of spam that we already automatically block), without having to do any additional work for it. The downside is, the improvements we make are less visible, so you can't always see when we're fending off a big spam attack.

We do appreciate you taking the time to report spam, as it helps the entire community, but our goal is for you to not have to deal with it at all. We'll keep working until we're meeting your expectations there.

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