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Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Typepad Gripes

Further to my moan about Typepad, I have another gripe. I sent off a ticket today to ask why the stats that Typepad provide have changed so that they no longer provide the number of visitors within the last hour. The reply I got suggested that I boycott the stats system provided by Typepad (the particular part of the stats system was too intensive so was scrapped) and go with a thrid party system like Sitemeter.

If I pay for a service why should I even entertain going with a third party service when Typepad provided me with what I needed. Granted I do use Sitememter to confirm stats when the Typepad service isn't working but I shouldn't be required to rely on it.

The response I got from Typepad said..

We believe system reliability should be our number one priority and we're making every effort to ensure that the TypePad application performs at the level that our users have come to expect. To that end, some server-intensive counts in the Stats system have been removed. We expect that this will help with server load and overall performance.

Well I expect Typepad to work with all the bells and whistles that were there before and if I am paying for something then I don't want to pay for something that I consider to be half a service.

Basically Typepad are saying that if I'm not happy with their stats service then I should be looking elsewhere. How the hell is that going to help their business?



Typepad agreed a contract with you and it seems they've broken it. Normally this should (in a fair and just world) result in some compensation for the loss of service. Check the agreed contract if they've a clause in there that allows them to alter the service this it's a matter for civil action (yep I wouldn't bother either) We could of course (those who use your site) blog typepad back into providing the service?

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