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Friday, October 28, 2005

The ups And DOWNS Of Typepad

Yesterday I read this post from Ben and Mena Trott about the crappy service that Typepad punters have been getting lately (and when I mean crappy, I mean almost unusable.) and thought that it was good that they were being honest with their users (albeit a little too late), but then I read the comments on a post that Scoble made and my viewpoint changed completely.

This comment (from Rick) is not only very funny but also sums up Typepad pretty well...

Oh heck, we’ve just seen a failure in a piece of networking equipment that had never failed before, and so on, ranging from hardware failures to software failures. We are cute. We are cute. We need more money. We apologize for the poor service you’ve experienced over the past four years, and also for the lack of official communication from our blogs. We need someone who knows how to run an actual company. We’ve seen failures in our storage servers. We’ve seen failures in our software. We’ve seen failures in our hardware. We’ve seen failures in our networking equipment. There are a number of big issues that have always bothered us about all of our products. But we are still cute. We are cute. We need more money. Some people have the innate ability to consistently write wonderfully, but for the rest of you, we have a whole menu section of blogs. We are cute. We are cute. It’s quite unbelievable that we’ve been doing this for four years. This has been a bad year for TypePad’s performance and general availability, and we’d like to talk about a number of the issues we’ve faced, how frustrated they make us. But never mind that, check out Project Doomed Comet. Oh this running a company is hard. I like Westies. Building Speill Checick and WYSIWYG is a lot harder than it seems. We can’t scale. But we are still cute. I mean just look at us. Cute as a bug.

As another commenter on Scoble's post points out, the problems that Typepad have been experiencing are "fully preventable".

I'm hoping that their planned maintenance for Saturday night/Sunday morning helps the problem. Either that or I will have to do more blogging in the morning as that is the only time that the service is usable.


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