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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rabbit Face Transplant

I missed this one when it was posted on the Internet last December. The picture above shows a rabbit that has undergone a face transplant. I'm not sure why they choose a white rabbit to be the donor. Either they couldn't find a grey rabbit that was suitable or they wanted to use a white rabbit so that you chould see the portion of face that was transplanted.

More pictures here including some showing the operation.


Mike Smith

so the grey rabbit is fine, great! What about the white rabbit?


It's the first successful face transplant in China, thus the white rabbit is likely dead (I would think that if they bothered with the white rabbit, and s/he survived, we would have another photograph). The grey rabbit didn't need a new face - this is research. Commonly in animal experiments, it is not the animal that is cared for, but the outcome. Save for expenses, of course (so the animals are kept alive for as long as possible, to edure torture after torture until they die).

Now for some perspective. How lovely would it be for you or I to unwillingly recieve the face of another human, unwilling slaughtered? The madness that would ensue!

This rabbit likely lacks this knowledge, but it still is what it is, and I find it no less disgusting. I wonder what will become of this one.


What terrible creatures, we can be. When ensuring our own longevity.

Poor bunny -__-


Oh come on people! It's just a bunny! This might lead us down a path to helping people; who cares about a couple of bunnies? This bunny is just a stupid creature that hops around and eats lettuce. We are humans and we kick bunny butt. We are more important. We have intellegence this bunny doesn't know what's happening at all! Damn hippies.


Oh come on people! It's just a human! This might lead us down a path to helping people; who cares about a couple of humans? This human is just a stupid creature that drives around and eats McDonalds.

We are all animals. Is human-animal intelligence more important (bias much? let's make rabbit intelligence more important to other rabbits. Now?) any other animal intelligence? Does it require a knowledge of "what is happening" to feel pain, fear, or any other form of discomfort? Should we experiment on retarded humans, Alzheimers sufferers, those in comas, the blind and deaf, or those humans who might also not be aware of what is happening?

~A Damn Dirty Hippy


Ok good point. So when some horrible accident happens that makes you lose your face or the face of some child or anyone else, we should just let them suffer because we would not test on a couple of bunnies? Yea that sounds like a wonderful idea.


Also I do think we should do some testing on people. On convicts who we pay for and the very sick to look for cures for the future.


soo....why'd they do this?

great blog btw, it's quite entertaining..


They did it as a test so that one day they could try and do the same thing to people, so they can help them.


If my face is destroyed in some horrible accident, to which point I need someone elses face - well, that would be me signing off. Oh, yes, that's right... humans don't allow their own the humane choice of euthanasia, so I may suffer longer before I die. Is this supposed to make me want to cause more suffering to other beings?

Unless you wouldn't mind being the subject of the human equivalency to vivisection or other such invasive testing, or (since you had to pull the child card) volunteer your child for the same - your words hint at a sort of hypocrisy.

If it is too horendous an ordeal for you to willingly go through, then how disgusting it is to suffer a creature to endure this unwillingly.

If it is just a rabbit, then you are just a human. I like the dismissive language you chose "a couple of bunnies" as if it's in the numbers telling us we have enough to spare (and not at all about exploiting another species). If it's in the numbers, check out That's good news for someone as compassionate as yourself!


Ok I'm going to make things clear to you. I don't care about animals or people. I wouldn't mind if you used them for experiments or how many. I like the idea that if I lose me face I will get a new one. I think I deserve one and that the bunnies (all of them if need be) can bite me. If I get cancer, I would like for cancer patients to be tested on and treated before me so that we may find a cure and I'll be fine. Same for all diseases. I think that the enviroment should be looked after and not polluted so I do not get lung cancer or something else just as stupid. But I really don't care if a bunny who seems fine has a new face. Also almost all medical research must be tested on something. So the next time your in the hospital for whatever reason, remember that them helping you might have caused the death of a poor wittle bunni. So bite me you Hippie.


clearly logan, you wouldnt deserve any medical treatment if you had an accident. It isn't fair to treat animals this way. Humans (especially you) need an ego check. We aren't more important than any other creature on this earth. Kudos to Kayucian for sticking up for the voiceless.


Well neither should you. Go live in a tree you idiot.

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