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Thursday, March 16, 2006

15lb Burger

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, famed for it's 6lb burger, has outdone itself with a new 15lb burger. Whereas the 6lb required you to eat it in under three hours (yes, someone actually managed to eat one), you get five hours to eat the 15lb burger. If successful, you will win $350, a t-shirt and have your name put on the wall of fame next to burger girl. You will also have the $39.99 burger for free.

The burger, known as the Beer Barrel Belly Buster, is as big as the inside of a car tyre and consists of a cup and a half each of relish, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, a head of lettuce, two onions, three tomatoes, 25 slices of cheese and 10 and a half pounds of ground beef - that's the equivalent of 70 McDonald's quarterpounders!

The 6lb burger was a tough challenge but there's no way that anyone will be able to eat a Belly Buster.

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You would have to eat 3lbs per hour for 5 hours!

Surely you would die? Unless you have a drink with eye-drops in and start shitting your brains out as you go! Mmmmmm...


$40.00 for a 15 lb burger? You know... thats not too bad if you and 5 other friends wanted to get one to split up, just for the novelty of seeing a burger that big.

Thats what... 2.5 lb slice of "hamburger" each at about $6.66 pr person (6 people total)? I bet you could split it up more, but it might be harder to eat (prolly would fall apart).

Some restraunts will charge you that much for a 1/2 lb burger and fries. could be fun if you wanted a girls (or guys) night out, and had a camera. :P (I guess it would also depend on whether the establishment would let you all split the burger).

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