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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Container On Boat Mystery Solved

I recently posted a picture of a small boat carrying a huge container. It was a bit of a mystery how the container got on the boat and why, but thanks to Gruff, here's an explanation. The site has more pictures as well as an explanation from someone from the US military.

The photos of the containers in the boats were published in the Nautical Institute's "Seaways" magazine in January 2006, on page 30, as part of an invitation to contribute photos to a photo competition. Caption of these photos says:

"'These remarkable photos were taken in the 1980s, when a liner company called Unicom operated a service to Moroni, Comoros Islands. At the time, this was the only means of getting the containers ashore."'"



I just returned from living in the Comoros, near Moroni. And twenty years later this has not changed at all. This is still how they unload. I've witnessed instances during heavy windstorms some of these get away and go for miles with the containers on them before they can be caught.

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