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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Video: Student vs Teacher

A student shows how to get expelled from school. [via]



as if no one stood up to shut that stupid bastard up, while another went to go get a principal or something

Samantha Indigo

I dont know whats being said But I do know from what Ive seen that kids a punk, needs some .50 lobal ventilation....


This has been shot with a mobile phone on a school in Holland somewhere late 2004 or early 2005 and it just shows the growing intolerance the Dutch people have towards christians!!!

Bill Gates

good thing it is on video the teacher has the real advantage now. I would love to have sprayed mace in that kids face and beat him over the head with a chair but thats just me.....


That kid needs a good torturing.

Surely that teacher could have delivered that kid a well aimed scissor kick to the throat then the video would have been put in two catagories Crazy AND Amusing. Cause that would make me giggle in delight.

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