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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Windows Live UK Session 2

Just got back to the hotel from the second Windows Live UK Session. This session was far more enjoyable than the first session for many reasons.

This session focused on both giving an overview of current Live services and yet to be released services such as Windows Live QnA and giving us a more 'hands on ' look at how to develop gadgets and activities for live (courtesy of Koji from Redmond).

Another reason why it was more enjoyable was the fact that a lot of people already knew each other. There were a few new faces but the friendly people from Heav en (who organised the event), and the Microsoft employees present, made everyone feel at ease.

Some of the cool things shown were searching in real-time using a Tablet PC, sending images and audio to a desktop from a phone running a mobile version of Live
Messenger and a peek at images from Live Local (apparently the imagery will be more detailed than Google's offering and will cover the whole of the UK).

Whilst there, Nicolas from Heaven managed to roped me, and a few others, into taking part into a video interview about Live and how Microsoft is handling things . I think the video will be sent to me first and it will be up to me to release it. I think I'm too sacred to watch it. I have seeing videos of myself.

In all the event was excellent and we were well fed and watered. We were also given a free Wi-Fi finder and I was lucky enough to who one of 5 Philips Live phon es that have yet to be released (but should be released very soon). I can't remember the last time I won anything.


Darren Straight

Them videos are going to be so funny when released!

Anyway great to meet up! :)

the andyman

Hey, great report :) - I was wondering if I could quote a copy of this on the messenger news site ??


happy you enjoyed it
See? you're a lucky guy!


Short but nice blog item... :-) Take a look at my space for a longer story about the session!

Koji Kato [MSFT]

Thx for coming. Was happy that we were able to meet. Stay in touch :)

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