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Sunday, June 04, 2006

China Is Exporting Pollution

A NASA photograph showing how China is polluting the world. [via]



Now thats irony! NASA of the US of A showing how someone else is f***ing the world up!

Oh my aching sides!


How convenient is that ?
Just a few months after breaking up with the Kioto protocol, Nasa (which country Nasa belongs too?) tells the world that China is polluting the world.
In my opinion Bush is calling everyone idiots and laughing at us.


NASA is American...


I believe NASA's report.

It seems too absurd for NASA to lie on something like this. If NASA was trying to do a blame shift, it would be instantly attacked by people who research such things. NASA is simply sharing the Satellite photographs they have aquired. Sheesh... when will the lame USA bashing trend end. Yawn...bored already.


Id like to see this picture over United States of Aswipe.. I mean Americo


道復興 Cultural Revolution


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