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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Teen Sets Record For Pi Recitation

15-year-old Gaurav Raja became the North American and US record holder for reciting Pi. Gaurav recited 10,980 digits in one hour, 14 minutes and seconds at a rate of two numbers a second. The previous record was 10,625. The achievement ranks him ninth in the world. The world record is 42,195.



Ever notice how its always Indian children that hold the records in intelligence subjects? Brainy buggers them Indians, maybe why there are so many Indian doctors?!

Samantha Indigo

What's a sceond?

lol just giving you a hard time =D


Same age as me...I can recite 3 digits!! Yaaaaaayy!!


whats the point to it, unless you are some game show, and a nerdy one at that, you just need to know the 3.14 (i hope thats the first 2 of pi) and really, after school, I haven't ever really used it for anything.

Indian person

Jonathan--that is why we shall one day rule the world--BWAHAHAHA!!!!

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