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Monday, July 03, 2006

Best Car Journeys In The World

Car hire company Holiday Autos has listed the 10 best car journeys in the world. Half of them are in the US and the only entry from the UK is the London Embankment. The picture above is from my trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in 2002

1. Boston to New York;
2. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon;
3. Great Ocean Road, Australia;
4. Miami to Key West, Florida;
5. Amalfi Coast, Italy;
6. Pacific Coast Highway;
7. Monaco to Nice;
8. Route 66;
9. London Embankment;
10. The Rockies, Canada.



Uhh...see I live in NY and I have done the drive to Boston and there is NO WAY it beats a drive on the Pacific Coast Hwy, Vegas to the Grand Canyon and Miami to Key West. Very, very strange.


I can vouch for the Canada Rockies trip. I would recommend a drive right from Calgary right through to Vancouver.


I live in Vancouver and the drive from here to Whistler was voted in the top 5 by The Gaurdian. Its very nice but dont know if its top 5 material.

Dan McGee

Sadly you can't really travel the full length of Route 66 now. It's been a bit chopped up by the interstates.
In the early 1960's my family took a trip to California from New Jersey where we lived then. We actually drove the full length of Route 66 just a few years before it was replaced by the interstate.
Sadly I didn't realize that we were creating a memory and I didn't take photos. Looked at the world very differently when I was 15.
Was glad you enjoyed the Pacific Coast Highway. I'd suggest San Francisco and take Route 1 to Oregon or go 101 to the Avenue of the Giants - the Redwoods are huge.


The drive from Miami to Key West is so beautiful. I agree with it being in the top 10. On a bad day I just remember the drive and the day gets better!

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