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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pink Bug

Apparently this is not the work of a Photoshopper and is infact a pink katydid and was spotted in Michigan, USA. [via]


Jason Kern

I live in Michigan....too bad I have never seen one. That thing is crazy looking.


Pink katydidn't evolve a very good system of camouflage, did it? I mean, where's the survival value in being bright pink, eh? Presumably, any predatory birds must be so gobsmacked by seeing the colour of this glorified grasshopper, that they are rendered temporarily unable to act. It is in those split seconds that I assume the insect is able to effect its escape. Ingenious.


Just started reading you daily, nice blog. More info on pink katydids here...


I'm also from Michigan, and have never seen a katydid of that sort. I wonder if someone rattle-canned it?


B**chin'!! It seems to be eating something pink too. Maybe it's because of that? Like how flamingoes are pink from the shrimp they eat. Maybe something pink, and tasty, got introduced into it's enviroment?

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