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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Windows Vista Ships

Robert Scoble has posted a link to a Channel 9 video interview with Microsoft's Jim Allchin and says that Vista has shipped. Will you be upgrading when it's released to the public in January?



Probably not. But my next computer will have it.


I can't really see the point.


i dont think it seems very good, and i dont like the new messenger or live mail.

but everyone said xp wass shit at first and no one wanted that : /


I've been running RC1 for more then a few weeks now and i have to say that apart from the excellent eye candy, it has been extremely stable and easy to use.

Problem is that there is still no really good virusscanner available for MS Vista, and many MS XP compatible software just won't run in the new kernel.

Functionality like defender, connection center and for instance the windows firewall have greatly improved. Also installation time of software is reduced.

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