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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hangovers - Causes, Preventions And Cures

New Year's Day is probably the worst day for hangovers and whilst there is no single cure for them, you may be able to help reduce the effects of one. Here are some links to prevention tips as well as links to how hangovers work, and myths surrounding them.

How Hangovers Work

Hangover 101: How to Deal With the Morning After
Head off that hangover: Tips for drinking wisely
Curing a hangover - part 1
Curing a hangover - part 2
Dr. I. M. Bibe's Anti-Hangover Tips
Hangover Helpers
How To Prevent A Hangover with Vitamins

Alcohol and Hangover Myths Revealed



'Tips for drinking wisely' -> I read 'Tips for drinking whisky'. =D

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