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Monday, December 11, 2006

Video: Hole In A Cow

Apparently, having a hole in its side does cause the cow any distress. The reason for the hole is to allow researchers to examine the way cows digest various foods. If you don't want to see the contents of the cows stomach moving around you may not want to the image.

Read more about fistulated cows here and here. [via the AWV forum]


senor mexican nino

when i first saw it i was immediately reminded of goatse


About 5 miles from where I live is Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture in Doylestown Pa. Every year they have a fair where people can see everything that goes on at the college. For the past 40 years that I have lived in the area they have always had a cow on display that had that exact type of plastic fitting on it's side. People just walk around the cow and watch as the stomach works on the food inside. It is very messy but interesting.


Putting a hole in a cow is cruel and unusual . i can't beleive people are interested in that. if they want to see what's inside then thyey should use an x-ray.

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