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Friday, December 01, 2006

What Britney's Crotch Did To My Stats

Seeing Britney's crotch three days in a row may have turned some stomachs but it worked wonders for my stats. In 2 days I received 10 days worth of traffic! It also worked wonders for my ads bringing in a weeks worth of revenue in just 2 days. Thanks Britney's crotch.


Mulletov Rocktail

By chance, how much additional page revenue did this result in?




lol PIMP!


So I imagine that for purely financial reasons you will be having more content like this then?

Robert Gale

I didn't envisage that the post would bring in more money. Celebrity news interests me which is why I post celeb related images/article on occasions.

For me, the big benefit from getting a load more hits is that more people are seeing my blog and there's a chance that a few will come back. Of course, the financial reward is a bonus but I will continue to post things that interest me.


Good times making money with her vag.

Ash Kay

go to google and type "Britney Spears Flashes" xo is 8th down!

Ash Kay

go to google and type "Britney Spears Flashes" xo is 8th down!


Ha! Too funny, but you can't count me on that. I've been checking in on your blog almost daily for nearly a year now and I thought this news was overrated anyways. Maybe that's what's missing on my blog. I didn't say anything about celebrity whoo whoo and my stats stayed flat.


Its not everyday you get to see a really famous snatch like Britneys, so I think its great, just like evreybody else who clicked for it. If I wanted ordinary minge, I would go elsewhere.

I vote for more famous twats!

senor mexican maracas

The internet is for Porn


Its called a Cooch shit head



Furry beaver, minge, twat, hairy pie, etc etc etc. Anything but cooch.


this is awsome, got to check it out


Lots of Britney's Crotch pics:

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