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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guinness Marmite

I gotta get me some of this. Guinness Marmite is made using a strain of yeast that is used to make the famous Irish drink. 300,000 of them went on sale last weekend and they don't contain any alcohol. [via]



yeah !
(the ideal valentinepresent for me....)


i live in holland and i think marmite smells and tastes so bad.. jjeaagh

why only enlish people like marmite?

Robert Gale

And Welsh people!


What the hell is Marmite? Sounds like a rodent.


i saw those in morisson's , sounds rank , can someone post what it taste like? god sounds discustiong guinness and marmite is possibly the worst concieved combination ever


@ brownie : i do NOT live in ingerland, but still like guinness and marmite...


Am a fan of both guinness and marmite, I was very excited at this new development; to tell you the truth, however, the new hybrid doesn't taste much different to regular marmite at all, just a little milder and slightly less salty. Certainly nothing like guinness,'re not missing out on anything if you haven't managed to get your hands on a jar.

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