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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Video: Cat Hunting For Birds

If Robert Scoble and Gizmodo can post about cats today then so can I. Make sure you watch until the end when the birds get the last laugh. [via]



I'd like cats if they stayed in the street where they belong.


Good times bathing.


why did someone film a cat then do comentary for it, in german. I just woke up do you think i need to see something freaky that? thats going to be scared into my psyche forever now

and in all fairness the other two cat posts where cute ..that was just slightyl disturbing , i bet theres a german couple that just film cats all day then go home to their dank backwards house, where they have saved up all their shit in bags and the walls are mouldy and the lights dont work properly. Then they spend the night commentating on the days filming infront of a "captive" audience, and who ever doesnt look highly interested they bash with a hammer. Then retire to bed where they commit weird sex acts to a cat, in a room full of stuffed cats.


I like the video. I put it on my blog a while ago.

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