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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Map Of Online Communities

What part of the world of online communities do you live in? [Thanks Tony]



I think I have dual nationality status:

Digg and Myspace


Hmm.. I think I have a home on the Myspace mainland, with a holiday house on the Second Life isle.


hopefully someone invades AOL

and it dont show the biggest country of all pornland, or LOL island

André Elias

Hmm, Orkut looks so small in there, considering it's the most popular online community in Brazil. I mean, it's a little bit like: For every 20 Orkut members, you might find 1 who knows what is MySpace!


Duh, everything is relative.. LJ is (was) Russia's #1 blog site -- it's about the same size as Orkut so I think thats about right.


definetely not myspace. =)


lol, Qwghlm

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