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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lake Disappears Suddenly In Chile

Scientists in Chile are investigating the sudden disappearance of a glacial lake in the south of the country.

When park rangers patrolled the area in the Magallanes region in March, the two-hectare (five-acre) lake was its normal size, officials say.

But last month they found a huge dry crater and several stranded chunks of ice that used to float on the water.

One theory is that an earthquake opened up a fissure in the ground, allowing the lake's water to drain through. Link



I took it. It's in my back yard now. The pool was just not big enough.


What's sick here in LA is the local news wove "GLOBAL WARMING" into its news report on this even though it has nothing to do with it. It's why I don't trust TV news.


We don't know what happened . . . that is the scary part. How do we no it isn't global warming . . . our earth is still a systery to us even though we like to believe that we are the masters of it. I have been to Chile, a magnificent country . . . and to think that it is under attack my mother nature is a sad, sad thing.

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