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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meet Eclyse - The Zebra Horse

Meet Eclyse, the result of a relationship between a zebra and a horse, who's celebrating its first birthday at Safariepark Zoo in the city of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. While most zebra-horse cross-breeds sport stripes across their entire body, Eclyse only has two such patches on its face and rear.


carrot man

thats bollocks

Mark Spencer

Better than an I-phone, I would stand in line to get one of these..

Kristie Whitby

That is the coolest thing i have ever seen i am obsessed with zebras and i love riding horses so i just think it is the best i would pay a million dollars to have 1 of my own.


I'm just not convinced that this picture hasnt been photoshopped. The lines seem to be too distint between the colors.

zorse lover

It's definitely not photoshopped. Look it up anywhere... she's real!


Its not fake...Here's a video of her...

or if that doesn't work here's the main article on her.


:O Cpaner!!!!!!!!!!


yo no nintendo el extremo que es eso cpaner!!!! its just watah!!!!

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