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Friday, June 08, 2007

Mystery Skeleton Spotted In Iceberg

Any idea what animal this is and how it got to be stuck in an iceberg? If you do know, maybe you could tell Canadian scientists who are stumped by the sighting.

[Garry] Stenson [a marine mammal scientist with the federal Fisheries Department] e-mailed the photos to fellow marine mammal colleagues, some as far away as Norway and Greenland. They narrowed it down to the seal family.

Known as pinnipeds, that family consists of three groups: walrus; sea lions and fur seals; and hair seals, such as harp, grey or bearded seals.

"If it's a pinniped, it's big one," said Stenson. "The suggestions have been that perhaps it's a large bearded seal or a walrus, which is also very large."

Link here & here.



Don't know what it is, maybe its an alien, but my guess on how it got there....its in an iceberg right? Well when ice bergs go to sea, they start to melt, so it was incased in the iceberg, and the ocean has wore down the ice around it and it has now became visible.

Samantha Indigo

get a freakin bone and sample it, private DNA tests are only 2k for immediate results

Robert Gale

They didn't have chance to get a sample so only have the photo to go on.

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