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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alien Lawyer's First Case
Man's Finger Gets Stuck In Gas Tank
Ex-Marine Kills Bear With Log

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woah the bear story is more awesome than the vietnam vet who killed a bob cat.. which to be honest wasnt that impressive

but to be honest i woulda smacked the kid who threw a shovel in the first place , i dont see how chucking a log at a bears head is self defence, unless its trying to eat you : /

and i love the alien story, even more proof you can sue anyone for anything in america.

"The chef closed his bank account, squatted in an empty property in Dresden and bathed nude - "as ordered by the aliens" "

dont we all bathe naked? o_O
this guy is blieghtenly crazy, what a scummy lawyer

gawd weird news posts make my day!
thanks rob

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