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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Petrol Prices Around The World

Another post from the great travel blog, Gadling. This chart shows petrol (gas) prices around the world and show just how much we have to pay here in the UK to fill our cars.



And to think that their are americans who complain about the price of fuel.


I say, we all move to Caracas. $.17 a gallon ... I can manage that!

Paul Harris

Looks like us europeans are getting stiffed again, we get all the latest technology behing most of asia and america and we get films later that a lot of the world.
must be because europe (especially Wales) is such a beautidull place to live.

Sean M.

Actually, this picture was in last month's Wired Magazine....


Sydney is definatly not that expensive, its only around $1.50 Aus a ltr?

Robert Gale

@Heath: The prices on the chart are for gallons and probably US gallons.


due to my own boredom i worked out the number from us gallons to litres australian

ok there are 3.785411784 litres in a us liquid gallon (according to wiki)

$3.57 divided by litres in a us liquid gallon =

$ 0.99064519634306 =

$ 1.18167880318168 AUD

so infact the chart says its cheaper than you think it is heath ..^____^ I think thats right anyway!

i then used the same to work out

that according to that london is (rounded up) about 88P a litre :) (gbp) which i believe is about right..well for england?

or $2.09445 AUD for you heath : P


I think it is save to say that I am the one who gets screwed the most on this one.

In the Netherlands, so I pay, on average around 1,59 Euro per Liter, so thats (thanks Ben & Google) 1,59x3,79x1,34 = 8,08
I dont see that one on the chart!!!

Note: I drive an 24 old car, still in excellent shape ,thus I have to add lead replacement which used to be in the gassoline, another 0,04x3,79x1,34 = 0,20

But hey, anything for the environment! (Oh no, All goes to big company's and the government)


Sydney has never been over $2.00 for fuel
the average is $1.30 - $1.89.

Australian dollars

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