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Monday, July 23, 2007

$8m Private Island In Florida

Got $8 million to spare? IF so you may be interested in purchasing your own private island in Florida.

For $8,000,000 you get a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom lagoon that is exquisitely furnished and comes with an open pool. You also gain an absolute from one side and from all the benefits of the city - such as running water, electricity and phone service. All that comes from Mainland that is located only 750′ from the island. In addition you get 3 docks. Two on the island and one on Mainland. The Mainland dock comes with parking, boat storage and electrical service. For sure, the package won’t be full without a boat, so you get it too - a 24 foot pontoon boat.




The Island is called fanny Key

You can see more pics of the island and a complete description here:


I liked "Melody Key" more.


whoever buys it is going to die when a hurricane comes along.

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