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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Man to Be Executed, Although Prosecutors Say He Didn't Kill
Dog Of Doom Predicts Many Deaths
Malaysia Ends Fake Dentist's 29-Year Career
Mom Sentenced For Posing As Son's Wife
Drunken Man Dies After Sleeping In Car Boot

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The death penalty makes me SICK. Sometimes it seems as though Texans just want to execute everybody. It says in the article that they executed a paranoid schitzophrenic! They execute retards as well! It's just barbaric. I'm not even Christian but I still believe that no human should be able to determine the fate of another. An eye for an eye only lowers the prosecutor to the same level, and it's even worse when the defendant hasn't even committed the crime.


The man does not deserve to die. This is a case that clearly deserves commutation. If Bush is willing to let off his friend, he better let this guy off.


I just want to say its not Black and white like everyone thinks it. I hate when people say it isnt their fault(pleading temporary insanity and whatnot) i say if a person shows disregard for someones life should pay either way. It doesnt have to be killing they, though i dont what my taxes to pay for those pieces of trash.
What i do find funny is how people look for the "humane" way to kill someone, what is human about killing.


Proffessortwo, I wonder what your thoughts on abortion are? Is that a case where it's OK for one human to determine the fate of another human?

In my opinion, anybody who has any involvement in the *murder* of another human (unlawful taking of another life) is just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger or committed the actual act.


Keith, are you freaking kidding me. If you stand next to a friend of yours and he pulls out a gun and kills a guy and you panic and run, that means you deserve the dead panalty? Wierd.


waaw, if my sole purpose for being with that friend is "criminal enterprise" (driving my "friends" around so they can forcibly steal from people), then the answer is "yes".

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