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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Roll Call

Thought it would be interesting to find out more about my readers so feel free to answer these questions.

1. Where are you from? (Let's see who lives in the most interesting, obscure or exotic place)
2. What do you do? (Who's got the strangest job?)
3. Tell everyone one interesting thing about yourself.

I'll go first...

1. Newport, South Wales
2. Web Designer
3. I've (technically) had cosmetic surgery and a bonus one - I played the two major parts in a primary school play: a Naughty Sunbeam and Jack Frost (I still have the pictures somewhere!)

Update: I'd like to try and make this the most commented post so don't be shy!

Update: Thanks to all who have posted comments, it's really interesting to see where eveyone is from. I don't think any of the places have been too exotic.



Muncie, IN


I have 5 kids; I lived in London for 6 months during college, but never made it to Wales.


Tienen (Belgium)

Machine oparator (Bosch wiper systems)/ team leader of the first aid team.

I like tuned cars and love excitement but still i play "professional" snooker. This is to a lot of people a strange combo.

marty b

Born in ridgecrest, california, usa
living in lynnwood, washington, usa


i sing, play guitar, bass, drums, piano, bass guitar, violin, mandolin, xylophone, program synth instruments and drums...paint, draw, sculpt... i'm kind of an artist.

and AWV is a must every day.

jess p

Kansas City, MO, USA

Audio Engineer/Graphic Designer/Video Editor

Bungee jumped off a bridge in a Costa Rican jungle.

Tim Dawson

1. Somerset
2. Software Engineer
3. I fly planes for fun

Samantha Indigo

1. Where are you from? Oregon City Oregon.... I would think thats far from obscoure...

2. What do you do? unload trucks, break down pallets, restack them, fetch things from bays and put stuff on shelves and clean risers, reset bays and such...yeah...its mundane...

3. Tell everyone one interesting thing about yourself. I am a fur...I have too many hobbies...and Im finally following my rockstar dreams =)


1, Milford, CT USA
2, Internet Marketing
3, I share your site with a lot of people, and I always make a point to click on the AdSenSe Ads. :)


1. Born in india, now in Renton, WA, USA
2. Software Engineer
3. Daydreaming..


1Enschede, the Netherlands
3My website suggests Enschede is located by the sea, but this isn't the case.


1. Born in Canberra, Australia, now living in Connecticut, USA.

2. Au pair ... that may require explanation. It's a French term that literally translates to "on par" in English, and is a term used for young people between 18-26 usually who travel abroad to live with and work for a host family, providing childcare services. In a nutshell, it's a cheap, foreign, live-in nanny.

3. I moved across the world initially to pursue a serious relationship with someone I'd known online for over a year - I got here, and despite reassuring me I was everything he'd imagined and more, he rejected me! (issues with his ex, as I later realized.) That's the disappointment of a lifetime, let me tell you, but I'm now happily in a relationship with someone else and still thoroughly enjoying the decision to move countries.


Vancouver, Rainforest, Canada

Management - Non profit agency that supports people with disabilities.

This site is a daily click for me. Thanks for all the laffs.


1.)North Potomac, Maryland, USA

2.)I am a taxi for dead people.

3.)I like to shake babies when I'm not filming drag racing cars.


1. Where are you from? Calgary Alberta Canada
2. What do you do? computer tech
3. Seeing that I live in a City where the Bow River runs threw and is one of the best flyfishing Trout rivers in the world, I very much enjoy FlyFishing. Also Downhill skiing living close to the Rockie Mountains and Moutain biking.


j'habite au Gladstone, Oregon, USA (smaller than Oregon City)
i do manager of programmers
i play with scouts in my off time


1. Gilbert, AZ, USA

2. Web Development Administrator for a local municipality

3. I'm a recent empty nester (love you, but you both are grown now so get the hell out)! I'm taking PC hardware classes and love trecking to the Hawaiian beaches as much as possible! Ahhhhhh....


1. Kennebunk, ME, USA

2. School student.

3. I race bicycles and go to school. I recently won a local lobster eating contest by eating 6 lobsters and one tail.


1. Where are you from?
- Born in Tredegar, house (and wife) from Finland, currently living and working in Moscow.

2. What do you do?
Sawmill Expert Global, for a large (yellow and blue) Swedish company, you all know which one...

3. Tell everyone one interesting thing about yourself.
- I can wiggle my ears, which can make crying children silent, silent children cry and make airline staff upgrade me to business class (sometimes)


1. Brooklyn, NY
2. Accessories Designer
3. I have five pet birds.


1. Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.
2. Ex-student/lowly barman
3. I harbour a deep resentment for wasps.


i am from Gilbert, AZ, USA just like Kristin above which is pretty crazy.

i am a pre med student but i work at sears selling Lawn and Garden items

i have an immense phobia of roaches


I am from East Central Alberta, Canada.

I work as a Behavior Consultant. I help group homes and their residents live a peacefull life.

I've had a near death experience that made me unafraid of dying.


St. Petersburg, FL

Professional Services Engineer for a software company

Used to play Hammered Dulcimer in a full time touring Irish Band


Live: Newport, South Wales (which makes me the least exotic person replying so far)

Job: Training (Management stuff not fitness)

Fact: I used to be a professional actor (a lack of obvious talent put an end to that little adventure)


1. Scarborough, England
2. Student
3. Interesting... Uhh... Yesterday I did a 17 mile hike Oo


1. Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
2. Network Consultant
3. I learned how to do the Rubik's Cube in one evening when I was ten and haven't forgotten how to do it some 22 years later.

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