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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seven Star 'Jungle' Hotel Tempts Developer In Dubai

Developers are said to be hovering over this unique 7-star hotel in Dubai designed by Sybarite Architects after a major hotel group showed interest in putting up the funds.

The US$350m (£173m) 28-floor Aperiron building would be 300m from the Dubai coast and accessible only by boat or helicopter.

As well as 438 luxury suites, it would contain a spa, an art gallery, and an underwater restaurant with views into a surrounding lagoon.

To top it off, the top two floors would house a temperature-controlled butterfly jungle with tropical species.

Its unique structural design has not yet garnered a nickname, but Building staff have variously named it ‘The Rollmop’, ‘The Pringle’ and ‘The Funnel’. Any better suggestions should be posted below. Link [Via]



It houses butterflies.
And it looks very like a butterfly stood with its wings half closed.

I'd call it 'The Butterfly'.


How about like what Bryony saiid...

"The Butterfly of Dubai"


Whenever I see something like this, I wonder if it is a sound investment because of the easy possibility of wind/water/weather damage. It does look really cool though.


When is the USA going to bring democracy to UAE?


'The Butterfly of Dubai' has a nice ring to it


"gliding over the sea"

Joe Coolest

It looks like a Calla Lily to me...

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