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Monday, September 03, 2007

Video: What Rotates Around The Earth?

This man, along with 56% of the audience of the French version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, thinks it's the Sun!



oh my... i kept on thinking he was gonna be like "HAHA im joking with you its the moon naturally" wow this proves it, the french are idiots, every world war they would slide their panties off and bend over and let the germans ram them in the i know why.


wow, i thought Americans were dumb. What is
happening to the western world?

p.s. Je suis American


I want to know who the 2% was who thought it was Mars...


Dumb and fat...


Sweet monkey Christ. If anyone still thinks America is stupid after this, it should prove something. I lost more faith in the French than I ever thought possible. I'd be better off asking a toad then a French man anything.


You can hear the guy say "merde" when he realises how stupid he is!


I think the ones who said Le Sole were just trying to fuck with him, or at least the majority. Call me an optimist..


@ TimY & John : How can you judge french people with a video of a stupid tv game ???
Your comments tend to prove that the more stupid persons here are not in the video.

Be smart once and come in France, like 4 billions of your compatriots did this summer and see by yourself if we are as dumb as you may think.


little mistake : 4 millions... not billions.

Gabriel Lamarre

I am a French Canadian, and when I see things like that... I sure don't want to be associate with people from France...


I've "come in France", hated it, never met more rude people in my life, couldn't wait to leave. I am not surprised that the French people answered like this.


I've 'come in France too'. It was ok.

But one thing. A friend of mine who played rugby for Wales but died in his prime in a tragic accident many years ago. At his funeral the FRU sent a wreath in the shape of the cockerel (their emblem), no other country did the same, not even Wales.

I'll always remember that.


zero...dont try to defend the french not only did i laugh at the stupid video i also made a point regarding them in the past (i.e. WW) and how really moronic their nationality is, the only thing good that ever came out of france was the blowjob and the statue of liberty. period


I think the US as some catching up to do with France till they are considered intelligent!

I cant believe how dull they are. They cant all be like this?...........can they? And its not just 1 video, they are 100's.


I could care less about who is dumb or not (being an educated person isn't the only reason to live), but since i am from America i have to defend it. That video Jonathan put up: politics are retarded who cares if some people don't know much when it comes to them. Part 3 was funny when he labeled Australia Korea and they didn't catch on.
Another thing is these people the guy randomly went up to people and he just showed us the dumb ones.As for the French dude, he went on national television with his own will to answer questions.


How can some of you americans call french people stupid. Videos proving French people are stupid: 1. Videos proving Americans are stupid: 1.258.278 and counting.

And stop riding the french ass about surrendering in the world wars. You americans never had to fight a modern war in your country so you don't know what is best to save civilian casualties. If you keep fighting with civilians in the area, you will kill many of you civilians instead of the enemy. Sometimes, it's better to surrender. And no, i'm not French.


So many other countries are jealous of America, so they're constantly searching for ways to "prove" we're stupid (to make themselves feel better, no doubt). I'm pretty sure stupidity is global and situational. If Americans gave even a fraction of a care about these other countries, I'm sure we could dig up dirt on them in no time.

The big thing is... we don't care.


Ya, America is like the cool hip kid of the world and the other countries are like a bunch of old geezers. The older the country the grumpier they are. Look at the countries that came off soviet Russia, they are enjoying them selfs in the sandbox of playground earth with very little cares.


i would like the record show that even though i defend america and am (in this article) making fun of france i am not an american myself. so no need to whine about 'oh you americans just cant say anything bad about yourselves'...well im not american so yeah...france is gay


America is like a cool kid? A cool kid is a kid that everyone thinks is cool, not a kid that runs around saying he's cool. That's just a nerd.

And yeah try and conseel all the stupid videos comming from americans as hoaxes or fake wich make you look bad and not give a realistic view. God americans are dumb.

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