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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Video: How To Pour Iced Tea Whilst Doing A Barrel Roll

Bob Hoover is such a skillful pilot that he can pour a glass of iced tea whilst doing a barrel roll! Oh, and he doesn't like to use his engines. [via]



that's something i want to try one day. he is officially my idol.


it's actually not a "barrel roll," but it is a 1 G roll, therefore, the airplane never physically goes under any stress greater than 1 G, allowing the tea to be poured. He also did the same 1 G roll maneuver with the 707 when he was demonstrating it to potential buyers as a test pilot for Boeing, he got fired. Along with Chuck Yeager, Hoover is definitely one of the greatest pilots in the world.


Zulu is right. There is a big difference between a barrel roll and a 1g roll. However, 1g rolling a 707 was still an amazing feat.


You're both wrong. A barrel roll is any roll with positive g-force. A roll has negative g when the aircraft is inverted.


You are ALL wrong. Its MAGIC!


Agreed. Magic is the only answer for this miracle.


This is Bob Hoover. He didn't roll the 707 Tex Johnston who was a famous Boeing test pilot did it at an airshow over the Puget Sound. A barrel roll can be done at 1g if it is finessed. The roll he does here isn't necessarily 1g. He can pour the tea as long as the G's stay positive. Bob Hoover flew in WW2 with Chuck Yeager.

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