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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Threadless $10 Holiday T-Shirt Sale

It's sale time at Threadless again. They have a ton of t-shirts, including new designs, for $10. I've bought way too many t-shirts from them but there's always room for a few more.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, I'm only posting this as I'm a fan of Threadless t-shirts. Plus, if people buy t-shirts using the link above I earn points which gives me a discount :o)



hey rob, u always post this link, and ive never click on it, cause its american, but how much does it cost with including P&P to england (or wales) in £'s???

Robert Gale

Shipping is not too expensive, especially with the dollar being so high against the pound. As an example here are the shipping costs on my last three orders...

3 T-Shirts - $13.89
4 T-Shirts - $17.00
5 T-Shirts - $20.00

So 3 t-shirts plus shipping would cost $43.89 which works out at £21.31 which is a bargain for 3 t-shirts. You do have to be careful about being stung by customs (it happens occasionally - I've only been 'caught' once). I can't remember the threshold but with fees can around around a tenner to the order.


My friend got stung at customs having to shell out i think £28 for

4 x T-shirts
2 x Hoodies

I've used them before as well and had to pay tax once, but nothing as much as that.


Ah ha! So you are being bribed to post it =P I kid. Thanks for posting this Rob. I already bought 3 shirts and I think I will by 2 more. Then I'll consider x-moose gifts for my friends =P

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