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Monday, December 03, 2007

Electric Eel Used To Power Xmas Lights

An aquarium filled with exotic fish here is using an electric eel to power lights on a Christmas tree.

Each time the electric eel at the Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium touches a copper wire in its tank, it sends power that lights up globes decking a Christmas tree.

Officials expect the "eel Christmas tree" to be a popular attraction for dating couples in the lead-up to Christmas Day, when the tree will be removed.

Electric eels are capable of generating electricity in their bodies. They have notoriously poor eyesight and use electric shocks to stun prey so they can catch and eat them. Link



Ah Ha! Every person should have an eel tank at home! Its perfect! Need to power your blender? Put an eel in it! Need to watch TV? Put an ell in it! Brilliant!

Ok, so I have hit my "!" quotient for the year. But I digress... You know, eel power for small things doesn't sound to bad. Unrealistic, but it doesn't sound to bad. And what man at some point in time in his life hasn't wanted a pet eel.

It'll teach the cat not to mess with the fish tank again, thats for sure.

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