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Monday, January 21, 2008

Yakutsk - The Coldest City On Earth

The Independent has a fascinating article about Yakutsk (pop. 200,000), a Siberian city that is the coldest city on Earth. Temperatures of minus -50C are 'normal' although if it gets below -55C children can have the day off school.

The image above was taken last December (via) and shows women waiting for a bus in -40C freezing fog. The image below (via) was taken on January 9th, 2008 and shows Lenin Square. The temperature was -46C.

Here's a video from 2003 (temp - -44C).

Whilst Yakutsk holds the title of coldest city on Earth, Oimyakon/Oymyakon (pop. 800) holds the record for coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth. Temperatures in this small village have reached −71.2 °C (−96.2 °F). Today's temperature is a 'balmy' -23C, although it feels like -48C.

More images:-

Note: Images taken by Bolot Bochkarev. Visit for lots more information about Yakutsk and to view more photos.



wow, so cold. i was pissed because it was 0 degrees here this week... i couldn't even imagine -44


it's been minus 20 for about two weeks here, but when you think about cities like yakutsk - forget it


Thats why I live in FLORIDA!!!!!


Whoah, I live in California where 50 is cold and 40 is really cold. I wonder how it would be like to live there after being so used to Cali weather.


I live in texas and if it's below 50 i am freezing balls. and that's POSITIVE 50; not negative. I've never been in colder weather than 20* I would probably freeze to death - honestly.


Wow, my pictures posted here. Thanks anyway. So welcome to Yakutsk :)

Daily Contempt

You should post pics of people eating ice-cream on a street. It's amazing to see people walking and eating ice-cream when it's so cold.

wayne brady

remember that they are talking about -50 degrees CELCIUS. that's closer to -100 degrees farenheit


-50 degrees celcius is not even close to -100F
Remember -40C = -40F. -50C = -58F


I would love to live in this city!
It's beautiful!

Where's the open air swimming pool? :-)

Just another average guy

Does every website comment area have to be taken over by children of the corn. Kids!! Go out and play and get off the net.


i would go out and play but my parents are on the internet commenting on lifeless parents like u.


Glad i live in Hawaii :)

Denis Gaudette

Where I live it's cold in winter(N.Ontario,Canada),not that cold.But the main advantage is that you you won't find idle punks hangin'24/7 on street corners.They're at home staying warm in front of the video games.

Travel Guy

Wow, what are the temperatures like in the summer?

The One

Actually it gets hot in summer, average highs are around the low to mid 70s and it is not unusual for it to hit 100 giving it also one of the widest range of yearly temperatures on earth as well.


I live in Yakutsk and I love it.
My ancestors 've been living not far from here for the last 2000 years. We are not going to move out.
Summer lasts 3 months, but its hot as elsewhere. Waiting for it for 9 cold, dark months is a great challenge.


In this kind of temperature you can't make a snowman or snowball. Snow is so cold it can't stick. It's even too cold for skiing. If you take off your gloves for more than 30 seconds, your hands will start to freeze. Not saying anything about loosing your gloves :)
If you blow, exhaled air goes out like a whirling steam.

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