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Thursday, January 24, 2008

YouTube Extends Mobile Offering

YouTube has broadened it mobile services to include most of its video library and upload capabilities to a majority of mobile devices with streaming ability and 3G access. Up until now, the YouTube mobile website ( had featured only a limited number of videos and didn't have any of the extra features of YouTube such as uploading and rating (apart from the iPhone and Helio mobile versions).

YouTube has also released a Java client (currently only available on a limited number of phones) which offers a richer viewing experience and allows you to access your own videos, subscriptions and favourites as well as uploading videos directly from your phone.

Up until now I have been using emTube which has allowed full access to YouTube but hasn't offered anything beyond viewing the videos. The application is slick and makes great use of the accelerometer in the Nokia N95/N82. The official YouTube is also slick (perhaps slicker than emTube) and does appear to load quicker than emTube but the quality doesn't appear as good. I think the official client has the edge based on the fact that you can access your own account and upload videos directly from your phone rather than emailing them.

If you have one of the selected phones (N95, E65, N70, 6110, 6120 or Sony W880 or K800) go check it out or if not you can still visit the mobile site.



I must admit, I find it a bit bizarre that people want to watch Youtube on their phones, why not just wait until they get home as most of the videos on it are rubbish anyway and you have to pay for the connection on your phone.

On the other hand I think it's great that technology allows people to do this, I just think it could be put to better use than Youtube, each to their own I guess.


Best response comment i have ever read, zooki,bar none.

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