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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dubai to Build the World's Largest Arch Bridge in 2012

Dubai seems intent on building the biggest and best of everything. By 2012 they will have built the world's largest arch bridge that will be 670ft tall, have 12 lanes for traffic and cost $817 million. Link



Will they also make the lake so that the bridge is necessary?


The developments in Dubai look amazing - I know someone working on the 7* hotel and it sounds out of this world.

However, I know someone else who is languishing in prison for bringing over the counter jetlag medication into the country. The drug laws there are incredibly stringent and weeks later he is still being held without charge because they found a piece of dirt in this bag they suspect is 0.01g of hasish. There's a petition for him here -

(I don't know how you feel about this kind of thing so feel free to remove this post. We just want to do everything we can to help.)

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