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Monday, February 04, 2008

Landing A Plane At St Barts Airport

I thought the airport in St Maarten was crazy. The airport above is located in the tropical island of Saint-Barthélemy, or St Barts, in the French West Indies.

At 2,133ft, its runway is one of the shortest in the world and equivalent in length to five football pitches.

Despite the apparent dangers, there have been only two fatal accidents at the airport over the years.

Here's a short video of a similar plane landing at the airport. It shows the plane narrowly missing a truck. Link

This video is longer and gives a clearer view of a plane landing at a steep angle (skip to 55 seconds).

More videos here.



I find the st-maarten approach much more schocking because of the large jets it handles. This little propers are very maneuvrable compared to a boeing 747.

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