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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Peculiarosities Relaunched

After abandoning back at the beginning of January I've decided to relaunch it and along with the launch comes a new look. I have moved it from Typepad to Wordpress and have purchased a shiny new theme.

The theme allows news stories to be featured and YouTube videos to be easily integrated and I think it looks great. It's only been running for a few hours so there are parts of the site that are not completed. Over the next few days/weeks as I get familiar with Wordpress I will get everything sorted and I will be adding more to the site as I find new plugins (any suggestions?).

I aim for the site to become one of the best sites for weird news stories and in the future I will probably be looking for people to help out with posting stories.

Let me know what you think and feel free to point out things that can be improved/changed.



Peculiarosities looks great, Robert. I am looking forward to visiting it regularly.

BTW, thanks for the all the time and effort you put into your websites - I enjoy them and learn lots from them, as well. Thanks!


I thought I was at the wrong url at first (I actually thought I hit my link for a second, its so well done!).

Great to see the site getting new life. I was checking it in hopes of an update (since it had been a while), but this is a very fantastic suprise. Congrats, its officially awesome! :D

(or perhaps I should say Ozum?)

Now excuse me, I'm off to get absolutely no work done by making some tea and reading all this fantastic new content.

Justin Lewis

Looking good there Mr. Gale, looking forward to seeing all the bizarre-ness your highly attuned net nose can sniff out. As for which plugins, is worth a trawl because pretty much anything you could want is probably out there. I use All in one SEO pack for a bit of SEO finesse, Wordpress Database backup that does what it says on the tin and because I'm odd I have one called BC Enable that lets be plonk my video's off brightcove but I think there is a similar one for youTube. BC Enable doesn't play to well in feeds though, talking of feeds there's the feedsmith feed burner plugin. When I finally get some subscribers, probably after I pull my finger out and create some worthwhile content I'll have a play some of the RSS manipulation plugin's that are great for injecting ads into your feeds.

All the best with Peculiarosites, you are indeed the Welsh saviour of procrastinators everywhere. ;-)


Love the new site!


Looks gorgeous Rob. Nice one! Thats one of the nicest themes ive seen for a long time. Damn you for finding it first !!!


Looks great! Any chance you will do the same with A Welsh View?

bill dorr

looks great. i was going to ask: any chance you can slow down the transition between the news items at the top of the page? but you seem to have done that already since this morning! much easier to read them now.



Could you please add the post text and if possible pictures/video to the RSS feeds for both A Welsh View and Peculiarosities? It would be much appreciated.


It's great! I'd been wondering what happened to Peculiarosities. Do you anticipate many more visitors?


Bookmarked it directly, very neatly done!
And good to see it back. will check regularly!

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