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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Video: World's Biggest Nerd?

He gets extra nerdy towards the end.



why is he comparing himself to anime? and talking about cute girlfriend-aliens. that was incredibly nerdy, but a good watch, haha, thanks


well who isn't constantly looking to date cute anime girlfriend-aliens? i mean i know i've been searching my who life and i have yet to find my dream female alien. I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE!


What was up with the flag behind him? Is he some sort of nerd terrorist or something. I half expected him to put on a ski mask and behead a vintage Boba Fett Star Wars action figure.


Y'gotta give the guy thum credit for thintherity...


Well, with all this exposure, he certainly has greater chances of meeting that alien anime girlfriend . . .


Aw, give the kid a break! He seems sweet.


Nerd standards must have dropped considerably since I was 23 (for the record, that was 26 years ago). Louis is a sweetheart. I'd be thrilled if my daughter brought him home.


I don't see anything wrong here, Rob. Care to explain? Whoever posted this first surely had something against the kid. You're only helping them out.

There are lots of such videos. Why single him out?

Anyway seems like a sweet kid. I'm sure he's already got his chic(s).


Your are messed up Svet. I am guessing your daughter cant be above 8 years, and you would let her date a 23 year old


I'm 23 right now and i'd date him if I didn't have so much to keep me busy in college. I don't think i'd ever qualify as an anime alien girlfriend, but he didn't say he wanted one for himself. He just said the character that he compares himself with has one. Only minor drawback for me would be the trouble he has with talking to females.


MY BAD miss read your post...

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