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Monday, March 31, 2008

Nomophobia - The Fear Of Being Out Of Mobile Phone Contact

According to research, 13 million Britons suffer from nomophobia ('no mobile phobia') - the fear being out of mobile phone contact.

Keeping in touch with friends or family is the main reason why they are so wedded to their mobile.

More than one in two said this is why they never switch it off.

One in ten said they needed to be contactable at all times because of their jobs, while 9 per cent said that having their phone switched off made them anxious.

Experts say nomophobia could affect up to 53 per cent of mobile phone users, with 48 per cent of women and 58 per cent of men questioned admitting to experiencing feelings of anxiety when they run out of battery or credit, lose their phone or have no network coverage.

I think I'm one of those 13 million although I'm not concerned about people not being able to contact me, I'm more concerned about running out of battery. Hence the need to carry a pocketful of batteries or two phones! How sad!



"More than one in two said this is why they never switch it off."

eh?! does not compute.. so it was all of them then? why not just put that??


Man, I don't understand people and cellphones. I don't own one. Had one once and despised it. It felt like a chain, like anyone could reach me anytime. I'm a 22 year old guy and people laugh at me or ask if something is wrong with me because I don't own one. I think these stats are very similar to Americans, least the ones I know.

I wonder if there is such thing as cellphone addiction?


my priority is to locate a contact's detail on the go (self professed salesman of ordinary things)yet this is a dream i have my address book online in my personal zyb account yet i am still afraid i might not have access - the fates turn in against me when i feel like i am getting a deal.

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