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Monday, March 24, 2008

Video: Man Re-Grows Finger

This video is almost unbelievable. Using a 're-generative' powder made from pig's bladders, a man has regrown the tip of a finger that he lost 3 years ago. A transcript of the video is here.



I hope I'm wrong, but I call shenanigans.


does it work on... erm.. OTHER areas?

I hope this does pan out , can you imagine a day when where old we'll be saying to generations to come "if you lost a finger in my day thats it!, you where missing it for the rest of your life!"


this is so amazing. i am totally blown away!

Maria Borges

And what about blind people? Could this powder also make them see? It's so incredible..

Carius the Philosopher

This is a major breakthrough in medical science. That powder isn't even using stem cells, either. I'm really quite amazed.



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