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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Annual No Google Day

Today is 'Annual Day Without Google'. For the whole of April 1st, is asking web users to give other search engines a chance. To help you out they've posted a list of 100 alternative search engines.

It's a good way of discovering new search engines but one flaw in the plan is that there are probably quite a few of them that use Google search results.

Could you switch to another search engine? Whenever I use Yahoo! Or Windows Live Search (rarely) I never get the same quality of results as I do on Google.

Update: I lasted all but 10 minutes. I did try using Yahoo! but quickly found myself going to Google without even thinking.


Sue Dunham

I thought I would need to use google to get to yahoo, but typing yahoo in the address bar worked. (I think I've typed a complete url once in the last 2 years.)
Anyway, I was shocked at the yahoo front page! What a mess of advertising and irrelevant crap compared to google's simple and clean design. It makes me feel like a Myspace moron or an AOL user.

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