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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sony Floods Miami With Foam

For Sony's latest TV advert, they have flooded Miami with foam.

The “Foam City” was created last month (lots of info here) across several blocks of Miami using the world’s biggest foam machine, capable of producing 2 million litres a minute.

Streets, shops, car parks, trucks and people were all covered.

The seven-day shoot involved a crew of 150… and an estimated 460 million litres of foam.

Some 200 locals used Sony Cyber-shot digital stills cameras, Handycam camcorders and α digital SLR cameras and their images were uploaded onto an online database.

A 60-second advert launches in Europe today, while a 90-second advert will appear on British TV screens on May 1.

All photos on this page are taken from the official Sony site. There are lots more here.


Here's the 60-second version of the advert.

The Telegraph also has some behind-the-scenes footage.


El SKetcho

Well that's certainly got to be good for the environment. Although a 'let's clean up Miami' analogy would fit the use of so much detergent quite nicely.


I agree, it just does not seem like this could be environmentally safe...

But it did say on the Adland blog that it was FDA and MAFF approved, so who knows...


Man, I went to a foam party once. I thought it was going to be cool and all, but I soon realized 90% of the people in the foam were naked and messing around. I am NEVER going near foam again. bleh

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