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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Surgeons Remove 125lb Belly From Russian Woman

A Russian woman with a gigantic 125lb belly has undergone surgery to have it removed.

Natalya was overweight since 13, when she had hormonal disturbance. She tried all the existing diets, visited hundreds of doctors, but with no result. Years passed as her belly was growing larger and larger. Finally it became so huge that the woman literally had to stump it to make a step.

Oleg Strigin, the head of the department of surgery of the hospital, where the woman was rushed, said they don’t do such complicated surgeries often. He said there are 4 levels of the belly-growth: the inch of more than 4-inch length belongs to the 4th level. We’ve never seen the growth of 36 inches!

The growth-removing surgery lasted for many hours. The surgeons removed fat the weight of a grown-up woman!




and what exactly does blacking out her face accomplish?


That is gross but good on her for wheighing less


I met a girl with boobs that big. Sorry thing.

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