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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Bacon Bra

The Bacon Bra - tasty and functional! [via]



This post is the MOST DISGUSTING thing that I have EVER seen on the internet before . . . and I have been blogging for FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS.

What is wrong with you?

I am going to call my congresswoman and report you to the federal government.

My boyfriend "BigBear" will NOT stand for this kind of shit.


this is beautiful.

Terry B

Wow. This puts a whole new spin on hot and delicious. Fun post!


Poor girl whose picture is circulating all over the Internet...


Seriously, chiffOnade...who says things like that? Don't be a fucking cockwrinkle. oh, and i'm SO scared of bigbear the fag who disapproves of BACON and BOOBS. what kind of man is that?


This is a riot!


Oh if I had a pair like that I'd cover them in bacon too. Simple delights are the best!


I'm sure the guys aren't looking at this, but as a girl, I think the pic would be a lot better if we couldn't see her stubble and deodorant. hehehe.


Please. Blogging for 15 years?
Chiff0nade is tuggin' yer plonkers for a reaction. There's no Bigbear. Not in this story.


chiffonade, who the hell is bigbear? how do you use some random person as a threat? i mean, a bacon bra is kinda gross, just thinking about the breakout you might get, but this picture isnt disgusting. it's original. and definitely a surprise, but seriously. Big Bear? I don't even understand the handle. Either "he" is a large ursus arctos, or is huge in the gay community.

Here's to the bacon bra!


The only thing that worries me about the bacon bra. I like it crispy. The girl that wears that bra better be SMOKIN' hot!


Huzzah! Here's to the bacon bra indeed! click on her name under her post...there is most certainly a big bear! and a horribly retarded myspace page...


Oof. What a hottie. Shit. I hope Big Bear doesn't see that!

Food Rockz Man

I'm in love with this woman and her . . . ummmm . . . bacon!


this is wicked. a picture that suggests a lot underneath. haha.

cheers to food, sex, bacon, boobs and controversy.


These comments are hilarious.


Bacon, Bacon, Bacon..... IT's BACON!!!!


1. Apparently "chiffonade" has been trolling postings from tastespotting and making retarded comments on a number of blogs.

2. I love bacon AND tits, so this posting is kinda awesome.

Comedy Blog

Can you at least cook it first?

Doesn't anyone care about roundworm? And no roundworms aren't nipples.

Steamy Kitchen

Do they come in double-D's?


Here in the states, roundworm in bacon is rare. Due to strict farming procedures and they way bacon is cured it's nearly unheard of. The really good news is, roundworms are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and if you chew them up really good they're healthy for you.

Just like titties.


Actually, "chiff0nade" trolls food blogs in general, posting lovely little malicious venom and waiting to see the reaction. It's best just to let her be, or better yet do what a lot of us food bloggers have already done, ban her email address.

Love the bra!


Is there a matching thong??


(Wandered in from Tastespotting)
OK, I'm out of the loop. Why the sudden craze over bacon? Suddenly it's the "new black"? I mean, really, vodka, cupcakes, candy, ├ęclairs, and now a bra...not that she doesn't have a nice set of rashers there, but why?
Oh, and I don't know about the UK, but in the US bacon is so (over)processed it would take mutant Schwarzeneggian roundworms to survive it.


oooh that's a good call. i've never blogged on a food site before...and she sounded retarded and made me angry lol.

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