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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The World's Most Northerly...

Mainly located in a few countries such as Canada, Greenland and Norway, here is a selection of the world's most northerly...

Permanent settlement of any size: Alert, Nunavut, Canada.

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Alert, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut Canada, is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world.

Alert was reported to have five permanent inhabitants according to 2006 census. It also has many temporary inhabitants as it hosts a military signals intelligence radio receiving facility at Canadian Forces Station Alert (CFS Alert), as well as a co-located Environment Canada weather station, a Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) atmosphere monitoring laboratory, and the Alert Airport.

Alert is located on the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island, on the shore of ice-covered Lincoln Sea. Lying just 840 km (520 mi) from the North Pole, the nearest Canadian city is Iqaluit, 2,092 km (1,300 mi) away.

Village: Siorapaluk

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While it is not the northernmost settlement of all, it is claimed that Siorapaluk is the northernmost 'naturally inhabited' settlement, arguing that the few settlements that are further north are uninhabited, military outposts, research stations, etc. The population in January 2005 was 87. Other northernmost settlements.

Airport (without permanent scheduled flights: Alert

The world's most northerly airport with permanent scheduled flights is Svalbard Airport at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.

Permanent 9 Hole Golf Course: Ulukhaktok, Canada

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Located in Ulukhaktok, a small hamlet on the west coast of Victoria Island, in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, the Ulukhaktok Golf Course is the world's most northernly permanent golf course.

Each summer the Billy Joss Open Celebrity Golf Tournament is held in the third week of July. This 4 day Arctic golf tournament is the ultimate golf holiday. Golf is all day and all night.

Hotel: Ny-Alesund, Svalbard, Norway

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Ny-Alesund is a tiny settlement on the west coast of the island of Spitsbergen, Svalbard.

Piece of land: Kaffeklubben Island

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Kaffeklubben Island or The Coffee Club Island (named after the coffee club in Copenhagen's museum of mineralogy) is a small island lying off the northern tip of Greenland. It is considered to be the most northerly point of land on earth.

Another piece of land called Oodaaq lies 1360m firther north of Kaffeklubben but there is some debate as to whether the land is permanent.

McDonald's Restaurant: Rovaniemi, Finland

The northernmost McDonald's restaurant is located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland

Pub: Longyearbyen, Svalbard

The Karls-Berger Pub in Longyearbyen, Svalbard is one of the most northerly pubs in the world. It is also home to around 1,500 bottles of booze. I couldn't find an definitive article saying that this pub is the most northerly and the Barentz Pub in the Radisson SAS may well be further north.

Lots more

This Wikipedia entry, which was the inspiration for this post, has lots more 'most northerly' things including a ton more from Longyearbyen (Most northerly school, cinema, ATM, bank, library, nightclub, hospital...)


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