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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Google Maps For Mobile Adds Street View and Walking Directions

Google Maps for Mobile has just received a major upgrade that integrates Street View and walking directions. Like on the desktop version, you can now walk around anywhere that Google has integrated Street View. I'm not sure how downloading the extra data affects performance but I'm guessing that Google has optimised the images well.

The walking directions mean that when a route contains one way streets or park, it can navigate you through them rather than around them.

Here's a video that demonstrates the new features.

You can download the new version from but when I visited it wasn't available. I was offered version 2.2 but you need version 2.3.1. Perhaps the new version is only available in countries that have Street View, e.g. the US and Australia. [via]

Update: It appears that there is a Java-only version available as well as one for Blackberry. There's no word on when a Symbian version will be released. [via]


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