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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Welsh View US Tour 2009

Last year I visited California, this year I'm driving around five different states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and New York.

I'm going to be having a 'tweetup' with some people in Rochester, NY and if you want meet up along the way let me know. It's always interesting meeting local people who can share some information about the area. And if you know about local beer even better!

Here's my current itinerary which shouldn't change too much.

  • Sept 18th - Atlanta, GA
  • Sept 19th - 22nd - Rochester, NY
  • Sept 23rd - Helen, GA
  • Sept 24th - 25th - Townsend, TN
  • Sept 26th - 27th - Chattanooga, TN
  • Sept 28th - Huntsville, AL
  • Sept 29th - Birmingham, AL
  • Sept 30th - Montgomery, AL

I've got a good idea of things I want to see in the various towns but if there's something you think is worth taking a look at, let me know.



You forgot Washington DC!!!!


When you visit Rochester, NY, don't forget to ask the locals to take you to get a garbage plate! I went to university in Rochester and it's what I miss most about the city!


If you want good beer (and one on me), you should swing by Pittsburgh, PA.

AJ Cortez

Let's hope your tour goes better than it did for the boys from "Top Gear." Sorry I won't be in Atlanta when you're there, but I still owe you a list of decent brew pubs there.


No show in washington ..... heya do u capture this as well .... care to share with me, plz ....

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